A representative list of Clients which we are either presently doing work for, or have done significant work for in the past includes:

Metal Fabrication Industry

New Brunswick

  • BWS Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Coastal Metals Ltd.
  • L & A Metalworks Inc.
  • Maritime Hydraulic
  • Maritime Welding Ltd.
  • Urban Machinery Corp.
  • McSheffery Industries Ltd.
  • MQM Quality Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Ocean Steel and Construction Ltd.
  • Sunny Corner Enterprises Inc.
  • TRC Manufacturing & TRC Hydraulics
  • Glencore - Brunswick Smelter

Nova Scotia

  • Halifax Shipyard
  • I Matheson and Company Ltd.
  • Lyons Brook Piping and Welding Ltd.
  • MacGregor’s Industrial Group
  • Marid Industries Ltd.
  • Nova Scotia Power Inc.


  • Alstom, Indonesia
  • Cianbro Corporation (Brewer, Pittsfield and Baltimore, USA)
  • Metal World Inc., NL
  • North Eastern Constructors Ltd. , NL

Civil and Welding Engineering

Atlantic Nuclear Services Inc.
Nuclear power station welding procedure review
Babcock Wilcox Company
Welding advice and tank design
Dillon Consulting Engineers
Marine structures inspection, repair and design.
Geomembrane Technologies Inc.
Design of tank cover supporting structures
Marine Atlantic
Inspection and analysis of ferry boarding facilities. Recommendations for repair. Design of fender systems
New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
Overhead sign structure design and inspection.
Ship to Shore Diving & Engineering Ltd.
Underwater welding procedure specifications.
Warren Environmental, Inc.
Review of Canadian stack design calculations.